Line graph (model essay)

Introduction PARAPHRASE

Key Feature 1: Consumption of all fuels increased

Key Feature 2: Consumption of fossil fuels much higher than alternative sources

Key Feature 3: Fossil fuels at a much higher level than alternative energy sources

Specific Details Paragraph 1: Oil / Coal / Natural Gas

Specific Details Paragraph 2: Hydro / Other renewabl

The line graph illustrates how much energy was consumed from oil, coal, natural gas, hydro and other renewable sources around the globe between 1965 and 2013. Units are measured in Billion Metric Tonnes.

Overall, consumption of all forms of energy grew over the period, although fossil fuels were consumed at a much higher level than sources of alternative energy.

Oil and Coal were consumed the most in 1965 at just over and just under 1.5 BMT respectively. However, while oil consumption had doubled by 1981, use of gas rose more moderately to around 1.7 BMT. Despite dipping in the early eighties, oil consumption continued to grow, although at a more moderate rate, ending at just over 4.0 BMT in 2013. On the other hand, after a period of stability, coal consumption soared in the nineties, and finished at just under the level of oil (around 3.9 BMT). As for the other fossil fuel, natural gas, it started at a more moderate level of 0.5 BMT in 1965, but climbed consistently over the 38 year period to end at 3.0 BMT.

On the other hand, use of alternative energy sources was at a much lower level. Hydro consumption started the period at roughly 0.2BMT and underwent a steady but gradual increase, and had improved to around 1.0 by 2013. All other sources of renewable energy were at such a low level until 2001 that it is impossible to give accurate data, but from then they grew relatively sharply to end at just under 0.5 BMT.