Mixed charts (sample essay)

Introduction: PARAPHRASE


  • Key Feature 1: Majority like live music rather than recorded.
  • Key Feature 2: Female favourite is Live Music, Male − MP3.
  • Key Feature 3: More Male than Female in ALL categories, but not CD.

Paragraph 1:

  • Pie Chart (live vs. recorded)
  • Live (highest for women)
  • MP3 (highest for men)

Paragraph 2:

  • Internet (same % on live music)
  • CD (Female higher than Male)

The table illustrates the proportion of males and females who listened to music monthly either live, on an MP3 player, on the Internet or on CD. The pie chart shows preferences for live or recorded music only and is not divided by gender.

Overall, the pie chart shows that the vast majority of both sexes prefer live music to recorded music. In general, however, a higher percentage of males than females listened to all the types of music, with the exception of CDs.

The pie chart shows that almost three times as many people prefer listening to live music than recorded music (70% compared to 26%), with the remaining 6% undecided. In terms of gender differences in listening habits, live music was also the most popular form of music amongst women (44%), although this was still lower than the amount of men who go to concerts every month (60%). As for men, the most common way to consume music is MP3 (79%), which is twice the level of consumption of women.

As for the two forms of music that are consumed at lower levels, the amount of males and females listening to music online was more or less the same than those who listen to live music, with again, the percentage of boys being higher than the girls (55% as opposed to 42%). CDs were the only type of music that was listened to by more females than males (22% as opposed to 19%), although it was by far the least popular form of music for both genders