Model essay

Reflective questions:

Answer the following question after watching the video or reading the model essay:

  1. What is the synonym for “major city”? (watch the video at 7:57 for hints)
  2. Translate “mật độ giao thông” into English (8:37)
  3. What will happen if the development of roads in inner-city areas of such cities is neglected? (5:20)
  4. Do you think the development of public transport systems are beneficial to the environment?Why? (11:30)
  5. What will happen if public transport system is not available? (11:30)
  6. Turn the following two sentences into one sentence (18:30):

“The number of traffic accidents is increasingly higher due to the poor condition of the road surfaces. The government, therefore, should spend more money improving the quality of the road systems in order to ensure the safety of commuters."

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